During the festival everyone will be under pressure, however, for those involved in the organising process, a big responsibility will be added on top. Volunteering in the ARTmania Festival is not the best option for those who would like to enjoy all the events included in the Festival program.

The basic qualities we look for and try to develop during the festival days are: dynamism, communication and attention to details, pro-active attitude, enthusiasm, teamwork and flexibility. Also, English at a conversational level is mandatory.

Working schedule: 8 hours each day during July, 25th - 29th 2019, according to the options checked in the form. The minimum age required for joining: 16 years old by January, the 1st 2019. Direct benefits for volunteers: recommendations at request for employers & proof of working in the festival.

According to the Law no.677/2001, for people's protection when using their personal data and the free transfer of this information, we mention that the requested information will not be used by a third party and in no other purpose than that of a volunteering contract.



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