Testament is one of the first metal bands that gained mainstream success thanks to the release of the Practice What You Preach album. The band is part of the same generation as "The Big Four", a series of bands that popularized the thrash metal genre. For this reason, the wave of Bay Area bands coming out in the 80s where also known as "The Big Eight" of thrash metal. 


The project started its story in 1982 in Berkeley, California, under the name of Legacy, which will be used for three years and finally will title their debut studio album. Over its 40 year career, Testament has left its mark on several generations of artists, offering an immense legacy: 12 studio albums (the thirteenth to be released this year), four live albums, five compilations, 12 singles and 3 DVDs, that add up to 14 million discs sold worldwide. And all of this they've done staying faithful to their belief of bringing to light the hard, virulent and in the purest form, specific to metal, a message, in no way sweetened and uncompromised. 


Acknowledgement from the music industry came quickly, Testament won Best Album at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in 2008 and reached top 12 in the Billboard Album 200 with the release of the Dark Roots album, which sold 20,000 copies in the first release week. 


The newest chapter in the Testament story will be written this year, by releasing their 13th album, Titans of Creation. The album comes with the idea of keeping alive the traditional roots of the thrash metal genre and enriching them with progressive ingredients, ending up with a surprising and complex mix. The listener will be taken through a variety of moods with the help of each song, all the tracks following this red light of creation, a process followed by the inevitable destruction. And all this variety of emotional states and all the energy featured in a live Testament show will be experimented by the audience present at the anniversary edition of ARTmania Festival. 



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