Taine, a known Romanian band with more than 300 live shows over its 25 years of existence, borrows its name from the Romanian word “taină”, commonly used to express “hidden things” or “mystery”.

During its career, the band was included in the line-up of more than 40 local and international rock festivals and gathered more than 20 nominations and awards for “best drummer”, “best live performance” or “best technical/ instrumental act”. From the “The Light Of The Truth” Demo tape (1994), to the “Decade of Metal” EP (2004) and to the “Resurrection” EP (2013), Taine’s style continuously evolved, also enriching its multimedia show, featuring live synchronized video projection which accompany the on-stage performance. The video composition, combined with the band’s “death, progressive, thrash, jazz, mathcore, ambient, noise” original sound, completely transforms a plain rock concert into a main stream audio-visual show.

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