General Access Rules

Thursday, July 26th 2018, starting 18:00, the gates of the 13-th edition of ARTmania Festival will open for the art and music lovers. Guests will enjoy two days of concerts, exhibitions, cultural events and creative activations.

The general public will be permitted to enter the festival perimeter on July 27th and 28th 2018 from 18:00 to 00:00. The marathon of the Grand Square concerts will start every day from 19:00.

To enter in the festival, the public must present a valid ticket, a festival pass or an invitation that can be used by one person only once when accessing the festival’s gates.

ARTmania warrants the accuracy and legality of a Ticket ONLY if it is purchased DIRECTLY from ARTmania, from one of the official sales points or festival partners:, Eventim, Am Bilet, My Ticket, Kompostor, Ia Bilet &

Individuals purchasing tickets / passes are asked to check the tickets veracity when it is purchased. Subsequent complaints will NOT be considered. ARTmania will NOT provide compensation for possible fraud cases.


To enter in the festival, the public must present a ticket, a festival pass or a valid invitation that can be used by one person only once when accessing the festival’s doors.

The ticket / invitation or festival pass will be converted into an access bracelet when entering the festival area and allow entry only to the concert area and ARTmania Festival related events. Bracelets are not transferable to another person.

Tickets / passes / invitations can be turned into access bracelets also at the festival’s Info Point, which will be open throughout the event.

The ARTmania Festival Info Point will be located opposite the Brukenthal National Museum, Great Square, Sibiu and will be open:

Thursday – July 26th  between 12:00 – 20:00

 Friday and Saturday, the 27th & 28th of July, between 12:00 – 24:00


Wearing the bracelet is mandatory during the festival days and it will be verified at the festival entrance as well as within the festival. The breaking, deterioration of loss of the bracelet nules the right to participate and access the festival perimeter. Access will be granted only by buying  a new ticket that will be exchanged with a new bracelet at the festival gates.


Children under the age of 7 years old are allowed to enter the festival perimeter free of charge only if they are accompanied by an adult guardian who has a VALID festival ticket/invitation and at least a copy of an official paper stating the child’s age. The guardians are directly responsible for the children’s safety. ARTmania is not responsible in any circumstances for any occurring incidents. ARTmania strongly recommends wearing protective headphones or earplugs for kids under 10 years of age. ARTmania does not encourage the participations of very small children at such events since the decibel limit is high and may affect the child’s hearing.

Young participants aged between 7 & 16 years old require a valid ticket/invitation and must be accompanied by an adult guardian who has a valid ticket/invitation.

Minors aged between 16 and 18 years old must have  a signed accord from the legal tutor allowing them to enter the festival. – download link here

Only the participants aged over 18 years are allowed to buy alcohol or cigarettes, which is why it is mandatory that all guests present a valid ID when asked to by the staff.

Baby carriages are strictly forbidden within the festival perimeter, except for the disabled wheelchairs.

Pets are NOT allowed within the festival perimeter.

The ARTmania guests are obliged to submit to the summary body search and to allow the luggage security check.  All participants must present, if requested, a valid ID which states the legal age for participating the event.

The ARTmania Staff reserves the right to DENY access to:

  • Aggressive persona;
  • Persons who have allegedly consumed alcoholic beverages or drugs;
  • Anybody who manifests violent actions or who disturbs the wellbeing of other participants;
  • Anybody who intervenes with the well deployment of the festival
  • Minors under 16 years old who are not accompanied by an adult guardian or minors aged between 16 and 18 years old without a signed accord from the legal tutor

Also, the ARTmania staff reserves the right to deny access for those who refuse the security check of those who seem suspicious of endangering other participants or the good deployment of the festival. Guests are responsible for any provoked damage.

Festival guests who notice any incidents are kindly asked to bring them to the attention of staff members of their representatives. The ARTmania team will be at the guests’ disposal to help maintain a good atmosphere and to avoid any unpleasant situations.


Guests may access the festival area with any type of photo cameras, including the professional DSLRs.

It is strictly FORBIDDEN to enter the festival grounds with any sorts of tripods, detachable blitzes & VIDEO cameras – especially the bigger ones.

Photography is allowed strictly WITHOUT the flash and without bothering/upsetting in any way other festival guests.

Bringing valuable assets within the festival grounds or leaving them in other guests’ care remains in the exclusive responsibility of the owner. The staff will not accept responsibility for any type of loss, deterioration or theft of the photo/video gear belonging to the general public nor press members.

It is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to enter the festival grounds with any sharp or dangerous objects, knives, knuckle dusters, chains, any glass or metal recipients (including perfume bottles of cream jars), sprays (including self defence sprays), plastic or metal cans, chairs (regular or pliable ones), banners sustained by sticks, lasers, chinese lanterns, baby carriages, umbrellas/pliable umbrellas (in case of bad weather we recommend the usage of rain coats) & any type of illegal substances.

Medications are allowed only with a prescription.

The access is FORBIDDEN for:

  • Big luggages (backpacks, bags, shoulder bags etc). The  accepted dimensions for bagages are 55 x 40 x 20 cm (the same as the carry on sizes for airplanes).


  •  Motorcycle, bike or scooter helmets, etc
  •  Skateboards, scooters, bikes

The forbidden objects, like the ones mentioned above may be deposited at the Forbidden Objects Point located at the main entrance near the Info Point.

Items that WILL NOT be deposited at the Forbidden Objects Point:

  • Food,  toxic, flammable, explosive or perishable  materials;
  • Illicit substances, alcohol or any other materials that may be considered dangerous to the deployment of the festival or that may endanger the wellbeing of the participants;
  • Valuables such as jewelry, money, wallets, papers or phones.

The forbidden objects container schedule is:


  • Friday & Saturday, 27th – 28th of July, between 18:00  and 01:00



We kindly remind you that bringing outside food or drinks to the festival grounds is forbidden. ARTmania Festival will have a designated food court which will run throughout the festival period. Thus the guests will be able to enjoy a dedicated space for culinary delights and drinks for all tastes and ages.

Purchases within the festival grounds

Food and beverages can be purchased with tokens which are available at the cash points.

Tokens may be purchased only in lei. 1 token – 7 lei.

The Cash Points have the following schedule:


  • Friday(28.07.2017): 12:00 – 01:30
  • Saturday (29.07.2017): 12:00 – 01:30


Payment methods and cash back

Tokens may be purchased at the specially marked cash points within the festival grounds.

Visitors may get a refund on unspent tokens ONLY with the purchase  receipt.

Jetoanele nu sunt valabile la punctele de merchandise al festivalului, plata efectuându-se numai în numerar.

Tokens may not be used for the merchandise points within the festival, cash is needed there.



To the left of the main stage there is a first aid point. In case the guest cannot get there by himself please ask help from one of the staff or security representative.



Disabled guests who also have  a proving certificate of their condition may request a free pass for themselves and their attendant.

The passes for this case may be obtained from the ARTmania Info Point located in the Great Square (across from the National Brukenthal Museum). Guests need to present a valid ID card and the disabled certificate and a valid ID card for their attendant. The Info point is open through the  days of the festival from 12:00 until 24:00 (27-28 th of July 2017).

Breaking the above stated rules may attract the consequence of access restriction or even evacuation from the festival perimeter.