ARTmania Festival FAQ Covid

  1. Why has the 2020 edition been postponed for 2021?

This year’s edition is postponed for 2021 due to the restrictions imposed by the Romanian Government which prohibit organizing all types of events on national territory, including festivals, which enable medium and large gatherings of groups in the public space, in order to stop the spreading of the coronavirus.


However, since this whole situation affects us profoundly from economical, administrative and logistical point of view, we wholeheartedly support this measure taken by the authorities since one of our main priorities has always been and will be maintaining the health and safety of our public, artists, crew members and collaborators.


  1. When will ARTmania Festival 2021 take place?

The 2021 edition of ARTmania Festival will take place on 23-25 July, in the Large Square, Sibiu.


  1. Why postpone and not cancel?

We postponed the festival in order to keep the relationships we established with artists, suppliers, collaborators, partners, and, of course, our paying audience. This way, we keep on working for the festival, but for the 2021 edition.


  1. Will we be able to see the 2020 artists in 2021?

At this time, we are able to confirm their presence in the 2021 line-up with (A-Z): Amon Amarth, Clutch, Cult of Luna, My Dying Bride, Port Noir, Testament and The Vintage Caravan. Also, discussions with the other artists’ management are undergoing.


Even if we wish to keep the whole line-up we have considered for 2020, it is possible that some of the other invited artists are not going to be able to attend the event. The presence of certain artists or bands at the festival is confirmed based on the timing of a series of other factors, like: international tours, studio time, album releases and other arrangements of band members, including their free time. However, taking into consideration that, by the time of this postponement, the line-up scheduled for 2020 was not complete, we are continuing to work and talk with artist management, booking agents and artists so that we can come up with a better ARTmania Festival edition and new surprises for 2021.  


  1. Are tickets bought for this year’s edition still valid for 2021?

Yes, all tickets for this year’s edition bought from authorized sellers or from are still valid for next year’s edition (23-25 July), regardless whether they are electronic or paper tickets.


  1. Can tickets be refunded?

Though we are finding ourselves in a very, very tight spot, after 15 years of continuous efforts for building an international festival we can all enjoy, we know that some of you may find themselves in a similar tight situation.

Many members became part of this community (be it in the team or in the public), some even since 2006. Our team and our festival grew together with you, as we were here both in happy and in difficult times. This was and still is our driving force which helps us get through every edition, irrespective of the obstacles, as they were plenty enough along the years.

As we were saying, we are in this together, even when we find ourselves in a difficult and unprecedented situation.

As much as we will truly appreciate the vital support coming from those of you who will keep your ticket for ARTmania Festival 2021, we will offer refunds to the ticketholders who are also in financial difficulties and need the reimbursement. Those in need for a refund have to fill in, until 3rd of July 2020, a form. After this date, all tickets bought for 2020 will automatically become valid for 2021.

We had to apply for a bank loan in order to be able to honor potential requests as we have already paid the ticketing commissions, VAT and income tax for these tickets, plus other costs which are generated well in advance by such a festival and cannot be recovered. Therefore, reimbursement may take longer than usual.



       7. How can I use the 10% discount to the merchandise products available on ARTmania Shop?

Those who choose to keep their ticket for 2021 will get a 10% discount for merchandise products available on ARTmania Shop.

To get the 10% discount, click the link to the ARTmania Shop:

Choose the item(s) you want to order, click on its image and choose the options related to the product (measure etc.), then select “add to cart”.

A new window will open where you will see details about your order (product, price, no. of pieces etc.).

Below these details you will find a “Coupon” line which requires you to fill in a “coupon code” where you will have to fill in the order number (the number you received when you ordered the ticket). After filling in this order number, click on the “apply coupon” and finalize your order.

 8.How will I get my money back? Will it be a cash payment or a bank transfer?

The refund for the ticket will be received by bank transfer only.


 9. What is the deadline for the asking for a refund for this year’s edition?

The last date when one can ask for a refund is July 3 2020, approx. 30 days from the announcement of this option for the tickets bought for the 2020 edition.


10. I have bought a ticket from another source than an authorized seller. Can I get my money back for this ticket?

No, ARTmania Festival refunds only tickets which were bought from authorized sellers.


11. I have a ticket for ARTmania Festival 2021. Is it valid?

If the ticket was not bought from one or our authorized sellers or from we cannot guarantee the validity of such ticket.


 12. When will tickets for the 2021 be available?

Tickets for the ARTmania Festival edition scheduled for 2021 are already on sale on our official website,

The section dedicated to tickets can be found at the bottom of our homepage.


13. What is the ticket price for ARTmania Festival 2021?

The new tickets sold for the 2021 edition start from the last price range of the 2020 tickets (the price range of the presale which was ongoing when the emergency situation restrictions started), meaning 290 lei + 6% taxes/ ticket.


 14. How can I keep supporting the ARTmania Festival?

Thank you for being with us and for your continuous support. You can support us by keeping your ticket for next year’s edition, or you can buy one of our official merchandise products available on our ARTmania Festival Shop:





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