Bucovina, a well-known presence of the Romanian scene, started in 2000 as a trio with a Viking-Black sound.

Later their musical expression developed into a more refined combination of folk elements mixed with black and heavy metal themes. During its career, the band released a series of iconic albums, from its debut material, “Ceasul Aducerii-Aminte” (“The Hour of Reckoning” - a seminal product in the Romanian metal scene and a current collector’s item around the world), to the “Duh” EP (“Spirit” - voted among the top five influential metal albums in post-communist Romania) or to “Septentrion” in 2018. The 2018 launch was also followed by Bucovina’s first EU album release tour as a headliner and by the band’s first show in the UK, proving that “The Underworld Camden” was too small for the crowd gathered to see them.

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