ARTmania Evenings - Details and event schedule

ARTmania Evenings 2021

  • Details and event schedule
  • Passes and day tickets
  • Access rules - valid until new conditions are imposed by state authorities


Since nothing can compete with a feeling of closeness and human connection brought by live music, during the weekend of July 23 -25, rock music fans are invited to enjoy a festival atmosphere, with alternative events and the energy offered by some of the best know Romanian bands at the ARTmania Evenings powered by ARTmania Festival.


The event will take place at Quantic Club, will be adapted to current conditions regarding safety and hygiene and it’s taking place due to the desire to offer support to the artists and recreate, as much as possible in mentioned conditions, the festival ambience which has been part of the ARTmania fan experience for the last 15 years.


  • Full passes are already available at for 150 lei for all three festival days, limited at 300 pieces
  • Those who wish to take part in just one of the event days can buy day tickets for 70 lei each, also available at, limited at 200 tickets per day.


Along the three ARTmania Evenings days the fans will meet well known Romanian rock bads (a-z): Am Fost La Munte Si Mi-a Placut, Dirty Shirt, Implant pentru Refuz, Lucifer – A Rock Opera, RoadkillSoda, Taine si White Walls.  



23rd of July: Implant pentru Refuz, White Walls

24th of July: Dirty Shirt, Taine, RoadkillSoda

25th of July: Lucifer – A Rock Opera, Am Fost La Munte Si Mi-a Placut


ALTERNATIVE ACTIVITIES just like in the good days

Alongside the concerts, a series of alternative events will offer fans the possibility of spending quality time between of before the concerts.

Fans who are interested in completing their personal collections can visit the ARTmania shop, where they will find merchandise for all the bands present and collections by ARTmania.

Full details about available alternative events during the ARTmania Evenings will be coming soon in a separate announcement.

 ACCESS RULES AT ARTmania Evenings for the general public

The rules are valid until the conditions are modified by local authorities, modifications that can occur until the time of the event and will be reflected as such.



In order to access the special space of ARTmania Evenings, participants must present a valid pass/ticket.

Access for children under the age of 12 is free of charge if they are accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket/pass, with a proof of age document for the child. Parents or caretakers are responsible for children’s safety, organizers are not responsible for any incidents. Wearing sound protecting headphones for children under the age of 10 is recommended.

 The organizers do not encourage the presence of very small children at such events where strong sounds could creative negative effects on children’s hearing, reasons for which in the reserved space for the ARTmania Evenings event access with strollers or baby carriages is forbidden.

Young audience between the age of 12 – 16 are allowed access provided they present a  valid ticket/pass and only of accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket/pass.

 Photo-video rules for the general public. Access in the event area is allowed with small photo cameras, with detachable objectives, whether for professional use of not, but without using the flash of filming mode. Access with tripods, filming cameras or other large accessories is forbidden. Entering the premises with valuable objects or leaving them in care of other individuals is strictly their owners’ responsibility. Using flashes is strictly forbidden.

Food and drink

Access with food or drink from outside the event perimeter is forbidden. Quantic Club, where the event will take place, offers a large selection of food and drinks, for all tastes and ages, and the menu will be available throughout the event period.


Event participants will have to pass a light body check-up.

 Organizers reserve the right to deny access to violent or severely intoxicated individuals or children and minors without adult supervision.


Forbidden Objects

Access with following objects is forbidden: anything that can be considered a blunt object, products from outside the festival area (food, drinks, including water, alcoholic drinks), psychoactive substances, any objects deemed as dangerous: white weapons, jack-knives, chains, materials and pyrotechnical substances, sprays (including self defense sprays), any kind of glass bottles (including perfume or crème bottles) or metal, cosmetic products containing flammable liquids, lasers or paper lanterns, plastic jugs, tins, drink cans, umbrellas or banners on sticks, filming cameras and accessories, especially large size ones, any kind of tripods, detacheable flashes (using flashes of any kind being forbidden) and any other substance forbidden by law.


Access with pets on the event perimeter is forbidden

Sanitary measures applied during the ARTmania Evenings events are those valid at the event date, according to laws in place at that time and will be available online at

The rules are valid unless new conditions from authorities are put in place and can, therefore, change accordingly.

ARTmania Evenings passes can be found at for 150 lei, with only 300 pieces available. Day tickets can also be found at, for 70 lei each, with 200 pieces per day available.



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