Artists 2023

Emperor, iconic name and one of the symphonic black metal pioneers, chooses ARTmania Festival for its first concert in Romania


Emperor (NO), the band which pinned the Norwegian symphonic black metal on the international music scene and which made history in more than 30 years of existence, started its story in ‛91, when it launched the now legendary demo entitled “Wrath of the Tyrant”, the fruit of the collaboration between Ihsahn (guitar/ voice), Samoth (drums) - the two already performing together for some time – and Mortiis (bass).



SAMAEL, a music project born in 1988 in an atomic bunker from the Swiss Alps, has been inspiring music fans for over three decades, having over 1.000 concerts performed around the globe.

The classic black metal beginnings were enriched along the time by a daring mix of metal and industrial, seasoned with massive beats, martial rhythms and up-tempo or blast beat.


Pain of Salvation (SE) reconfirmed their presence and will return on the Large Square stage after seven years, bringing their latest album in front of the fans

The band, who succeeded to stay for almost three decades in the forefront of the international progressive music scene, are well-known for their concept albums, and this latest work does not contradict this tradition.  








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