Wild Child

Ștefana Popa was playing the guitar when she was 5. Her parents encouraged her but it was her grandfather who helped her build a solid musical foundation by buying her very first guitar.

Stefy learned to play the piano when she was 7, and that lead to her getting electric guitar lessons when she was 11, which in turn spurred her passion for Rock music, be it Blues or Metal.

Along the years, she felt like she was all alone on her path – with no one to share her love for music with… and then guitarist Dorin Pitaru came along and a new live band appeared in Sibiu. Wild Child became the youngest 2015 GBOB Romania finalist and now, a year later, the band is back on the same stage where their trip to the national final began, as Special Guests at the GBOB ARTmania Semifinal.



Stefy Popa (voce, chitară)

Emil Dorian (chitară)

Nicu Baciu (bas)

Dragos Diaconu (baterie)