White Ash

White Ash was the brainchild of The Famous Dan, în 2008. The band swam efficiently against the commercial wave, integrating their ideas into music – and not the other way around. Former band members added significant input to the sound but were forced to jump off of the music lifeboat to start a family, get a job or invest in a multinational corporation. The idea that the band guides itself by is that the music scene in Romania has to surpass the current social trend of being a small business for musicians. After a long moment of pondering, that may have lasted anywhere between a few seconds and a few thousand years, the message in their music is that the noise doesn’t necessarily have to come from the stage. What really matters is that the band is captivated by the audience.



The Famous Dan (singer)

Andrei Mircea (guitar)

Cristian Chiru (bass)

Radu Gheorghe (drums)