The Kryptonite Sparks

What started out as a project in 2010 rapidly took the country by storm and the power trio from Botoshani brought the ’70s British Avant-garde Rock Movement back to life in an original, modern and symbolistic manner. The Kryptonite Sparks weaves alternative rock rhythms with  Blues, Funk, Hard Rock and Progressive tones.

The Kryptonite Sparks was the Best Alternative Newcomer at the 2015 METALHEAD Awards Gala. Being signed to the Dark Side Booking Academy, the Botoshani trio traveled around the country on their first national tour early last year and signed up to the GBOB Romania competition, becoming 2015 Vice-Champions.

They’re the headlining act at the 2016 GBOB ARTmania Semifinal.

Răzvan Diaconu (singer, guitar)
Rareș Diaconu (bass, synths and auxiliary stuff)
Huhurez (drums and wood-pointed sticks)