The Foreshadowing

The italian doom-metal project has taken the international music scene by storm with their debut album ”Days of Nothing”, an emotional mix of gothic doom and death metal.

Their next material, ”Oionos”, has added to the initial harmonic elements and musical influences, being met with glowing reviews by most critics, earning the title of ”album of the month” by the german publication ”Zillo”.

”Oionos”, ortherwise known as bird of prey, brings into focus the theme of the debut album: The Apocalypse.

For this reason, the new album has been considered by members of the band to be the second chapter of the Apocalypse, described through their songs.This year, the medieval walls of Sibiu’s fortress will vibe with The Foreshadowing’s music, full of emotions, as melancholic and dark as the world we live in and with the atmosphere of the old tales that hide behind these walls.