The Icelandic post-rock/metal band is going to perform for the first time in Sibiu, on the stage of ARTmania Festival. The group has become an international success after the debut of their albums  “Köld” and “Svartir Sandar”, which have shown that there are no musical limits to what they can do.

Solstafir offers an atypical mix of textures and sonority, reunited in songs that cannot be limited by stylistic markers.

In 2014 the band debuted “Ótta”, an atemporal album, based on time, as stated by the singer Aðalbjörn Tryggvason. At its core, the album has a mystical concept called “Eykt”, an old time-measuring system, according to which the 24 hours of the day are split into 8 intervals, each of them having a specific name, “Ótta” being the period of time corresponding to the 3-6 interval.

At the end of last year, Solstafir has re-entered the international music scene with a new music video for ”Midaftann” (”Mid-summer”), one of the melancholic songs of their new album. ”Midaftann” embodies the album’s leitmotif, experimenting with fear and isolation and talking about ”[…] walking through the darkness. Playing chess with Death, being burned by salt, drowning in the last wave of sins and going back home by moonlight”.

At ARTmania Festival, Solstafir will offer music lovers a special mystic show under the moonlight, which will shine on the perfect setting for band’s music: the central square of the medieval Transylvanian fortress.