Ka Gaia An

The Bucharest Folk Metal band was founded in 2008.

Over mountains, over prairies, close to the sea – was a remarkable tribe of people: The Dacs – the most courageous of the Thracs, as the legendary Greek historian, Herodotus, once declared.  peste câmpii, în apropiere de mare era un popor remarcabil: dacii “cei mai viteji dintre traci”, după cum a spus Herodot. Ka Gaia An is a state of mind, of old traditions, emotions and a spiritual lifestyle rekindled.

The members of the band have known each other for many years in projects such as An Theos or Dark Fusion.

Ka Gaia An has been active in Romania and Hungary, being awarded First Place in the 2011 OST Mountain Fest contest.

Ariadna Chițu (singer)
Florin Costachiță (singer)
Gabi Andrei (guitar, backing vocals)
Teddy Bejenaru (rhythm guitar)
Vali Cristocea (bass)
Irina Movileanu (keyboards, backing vocal)
Tudor Uscoi (drums)