Fantazia is the neverending story of Romania’s youngest Live Rock Act, hailing from Arad in 2014. Prof. Paul Edeleni gathered and guided Arthur (11), Andrei (13), Robert (13) and Radu (13) to shape the rock’n roll, hard’n heavy, power and symphonic metal cover band. Recently, work has begun on a repertoire of original songs. Since 2014, the rock quartet has played tens of gigs, after being seen on NextStar, a nationally televised talent show. More awards were gained at children band contests in Vatra Dornei (Muzritm) and Târgu Jiu (Coloana Infinitului) during the past couple of years.



Arthur Horeanu (singer, keyboards)

Andrei Jipa (guitar)

Robert Urban (bass)

Radu Ungur (drums)