False Reality

Starting out in December 1998, False Reality was active in the Romanian underground metal scene up until the Spring of 2003. The band featured at many genre specific festivals at that time. Signed to the (now defunct) Norwegian Sidekick Records, the band relesed its only album, the Tales of Eternity EP, in 2002.

The first stage of the band came to an end in 2003. Although the idea of the band ceasing to exist was never an option, it took many try outs and eight years to find the proper band members to work with.

False Reality held its first concert with the new line-up in the Spring of 2011, having stayed true to its original style: melodic death metal. The debut album is coming out this Fall on Loud Rage Records.



Ioan Alexandru Crişan (singer)

Lucian Popa (guitar, backing vocals)

Silviu Stan (guitar)

Vlad Amariei (keyboards)

Radu Grosu (bass)

Codruţ Costea (drums)