“With unparalleled precision, the world mankind was born into is desintegrating, physically and spiritually. The air we breathe is not air anymore, the ground we walk on is no longer earth and the words we speak are not words. A toxic gust of wind envelops our whole universe that has no more corners for sheltering souls. Mankind is bowing low to pieces of paper and plastic, without which life is no longer possible. Facing the grand dilemma of our times, some have refused to bury their heads in the sand. We have taken a vow: if this world is not big enough for all of us, the we will need a parallel universe. This is how E-An-Na was born… or at least, this is how we discovered it. E-An-Na is a world of our own, into which we were forced to flee because of the end times we feel are uncontrollable. A world where every breath is still green, where the birds chirp endlessly and where rivers have a natural color… a home as one with the sky.”

Solomonar (singer, flute, bagpipes, E-an-na)



Solomonar (singer, flute, bagpipes)

Ovidiu Ban (guitar)

Alex Giurgeca (guitar)

Dragoş Berţia (bass)

Paul Bucătaru (drums)

Edwin Marc (accordeon)