Blue Night Shadow

Blue Night Shadow is a Blues band that started playing in 2013. They chose their name after a brainstorming session where they thought of themselves as being special and unique and all sorts of other stuff like that that gave them a good feeling inside, until the perfect idea came to mind. A poster hanging on a wall with a fantastic sunset view, coupled with the passion for The Blues and their quest for something special to happen to them brought Blue Night Shadow to life.

The most interesting road trip to date has to be the one where they were going to play at a friend’s wedding across the border in Bulgaria… and that same friend was to become their manager. The message they want to get across through their music is that The Blues is a gold mine for the Music World. They are young and it’s impossible for their life experiences not to strike a nostalgic chord in older listeners. They thought they could be the voice of their generation… but thought better about it and decided they should be their own voice.

Nico (singer, guitar)
Edi (bass)
Crizu (drums)