Black Peaks

Black Peaks (formerly known as Shrine) are a 4 piece rock band from Brighton, England. The quartet offer a cross between aggressive hardcore, the grandeur of post rock and the atypical characteristics of math rock.

The band’s blend of complex prog-rock and intricate melodies screams of something new and innovative, that injects a whole new lease of life into modern rock and with continuous support, it’s given the band the podium to push and break the boundaries of mainstream rock.

On top of hitting all the big festivals and playing tons of shows, Black Peaks also managed to bag themselves a record deal with Sony imprint, Easy Life Records and the next phase in Black Peaks’ life cycle relies heavily on the release of their debut, ‘Statues’ on 26th February, produced  by Mark Roberts at Middle Farm Studios. Speaking about what to expect from the release, Will reveals that the ten-track album is darker than their previous material.