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  • Daemonia Nympe - August 9 - Brukenthal Stage

    Daemonia Nymphe, the esoteric ensemble formed in Greece, will be performing Saturday, August 9th on the Brukenthal Acoustic stage within this year’s ARTmania edition. Their founder, Spyros Giasafakis, is the first artist known worldwide to compose and perform improvisations on ancient Hellenic instruments such as Kithara, Lyre and Varvitos – handcrafted with the design and materials authentic to their epoch.

  • Altemberger Stage - August 7-9

    ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2014 is showcasing a new series of concerts hosted by The Brukenthal National Museum – Altemberger House Museum of History between August 7 and 9, 2014.

  • Hauschka - August 8 - Brukenthal Stage

    The unique Volker Bertelmann, mainly known as Hauschka, will be stunning the audience with an amazing performance on Friday, August 8th, on the Brukenthal Acoustic Stage within the 9th edition of the Artmania Festival. Volker Bertelmann, HAUSCHKA, is one of the most recognizable 21st Century proponents of what is known as prepared piano – one whose sound is altered by the insertion of alien objects between or upon its strings, hammers and dampers.

  • Peter Hammill - August 7 - Brukenthal Stage

    Peter Hammill was born in London in 1948. His career began as singer and songwriter for Van Der Graaf Generator, the chaotic, scary and highly influential underground group of the seventies. If one has not yet fancied the proto-punk of “Nadir’s Big Chance”, the full-blown emotion of “Over” and the scatter-gun arrangements of “The Silent Corner and the Empty Stage” until the Sibiu concert, one will not believe Peter Hammill was the genius behind all these works.

ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2014
The ARTmania cultural platform supports the fine arts, with focus on the music directly linked to or derived from the rock culture. Together with its faithful allies and hosts of the event, ARTmania has become a well- known international brand, thanks to the special concept of the festival and its location in one of the most beautiful medieval citadels in Eastern Europe, Sibiu. In 2014, the ARTmania Festival will take place between 4th and 10th of August and will offer art amateurs a varied cultural program that includes concerts, exhibitions, workshops and other events dedicated to the fine arts. The ARTmania Festival has been endorsed by the City Hall of Sibiu from the first edition in July 2006.
An important ally in the process of widening the musical horizons is Tuborg, the well-known brand, integrated in the artistic program of the Festival through its TuborgSound platform. TuborgSound has been supporting the festival for three years, promoting not only the platform itself but also new comers or well-known Romanian bands. During its more than seven years of existance, the annual festival in Sibiu has become known for promoting the metal musical scene and artists covering a wide range from gothic metal to heavy metal, and even extending to punk and alternative rock. The central theme of the festival is music, closely followed by visual arts, especially photography and
paintings that adjust and complement the general concept of ARTmania. Any indirectly linked projects are welcomed since the festival’s mission is defined by drawing various contributions from the art domain, to create a complex concept starting from music. For one week, during the festival, ARTmania strongly supports the activity of the cultural institutions in Sibiu. The collaboration with Brukenthal National Museum and the ASTRA National Museum Complex, that started two years ago, has granted access in this highly regarded museum areas and galleries to an impressive number of ARTmania Festival participants. A project cofinanced by the Local Council of Sibiu through the Town Hall.