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Dedicated to supporting and promoting all forms of artistic expression, ARTmania cultural platform focuses on the promotion of the art of sounds and of the musical projects born around the contemporary genres more or less directly linked to the rock culture.
In time, due to the passionate collaboration between the founders of this platform and its close partners, one of its main projects, the ARTmania Festival, became a well-known brand at international level due to the special thematic of the events it hosts and of the specific localization of the festival: inside one of the most beautiful and best preserved medieval citadels from the South-Eastern Europe: the Sibiu fortress. For 2014, ARTmania Festival invites you into an incursion inside a new, secret world and to experience a new festival, born from the fascination generated by the dark shadows of Transylvania. During its IXth edition, which will take place between August the 4th – 10th, you will take part at the procession of initiation in the secrets of music and will be able to go on the initiates’ path which connects this year’s four sacred sanctuaries of sounds, four stages which are dedicated each to a specific area of this magical universe: Vampires’ Den (the Main Stage, inside Balanta Complex),
the Brukenthal Stage (in the inner court of the Brukenthal National Museum), the Altemberger Stage (inside the court of the Altemberger House, within the History Museum) and the Large Square Stage (from the Large Square, with free entrance). Inside these sacred places, music lovers will be able to see live the performances of some of the artists who changed and continue to transform the rock culture: from gods to “Nymphes”, from instrumental experiments to heavy metal icons and to the most influential representatives of the gothic metal culture. In addition to the concerts, you will be able to take part to a wide variety of manifestations in the spirit of this year’s festival: you will witness video projections and get in touch with yourself in the special reading lounges, to train your skills with board games or try your artistic talent while drawing tattoos. You will be able to see your future in tarot meetings or embellish yourself during special make-up sessions. Moreover, you will have the chance to enlarge your knowledge, nourishing your curiosity with the cultural richness carefully prepared by the partners of the ARTmania festival, the Brukenthal National Museum and ASTRA National Museum Complex, and will be able to party until the dawns in the partner locations.
Therefore, this year, we invite you into an incursion in the dark and mysterious places of magical universe inhabited by spirits and vampires!
ARTmania Festival has been officially endorsed by the Sibiu Mayoralty ever since its first edition, organized in 2006. The process of widening the musical horizons found another important supporter: Tuborg brand, carefully integrated in the schedule of the festival, through its Tuborg Sound platform. The project is cofinanced by the Sibiu Local City Council, through Sibiu Municipality.
During its more than seven years of existence, the annual festival in Sibiu has become known for promoting the metal musical scene and artists covering a wide range, from gothic metal to heavy metal, extending even to punk and to alternative rock. The central theme of the festival is music, closely followed by visual arts, especially photography and paintings that adjust and complement the general concept of ARTmania. Any indirectly linked projects are welcomed since the festival’s mission is defined by drawing various contributions from the art domain, to create a complex concept starting from music.

ARTmania Festival Sibiu 2014